Mulch Man, located in Chester Springs, PA, offers Pennsylvania residents a large selection of decorative landscaping stone, such as quarry stone, flag stone, Belgium block, patio and wall stone, and decorative landscaping boulders. We provide decorative landscaping stone ideal for any hardscaping project. We supply a variety of rock, from West Mountain, Seaport Blue, local PA Field Stone, Antique White and many other kinds that are ideal for decorative stone landscaping. Speak with our consultants to determine what kind of stone would be best for your project.

We provide an array of decorative stone, perfect for any decorative stone landscaping project you plan on undertaking. Unlike mulch, decorative stone does not need to be reapplied yearly, and can protect and cover pathways, water and pond areas, plant beds, and other locations. We provide many options that’ll make your yard and landscape more beautiful.

Planning a decorative stone landscaping project? We can help you design your project, select the right materials, and recommend and connect you with the resources you need for the installation of decorative stone landscaping. With the wide variety of color, texture, and stone options available, it’s best to consult with an expert beforehand and will be happy to help you choose the right kind of stone to get your job done. Our hardscaping contractors serve all of Montgomery County, Gladwyne, Kennet Square, Bryn Mawr, Paoli, and surrounding areas.

Learn more about Mulch Man decorative stone landscaping in PA and how your project can be a success. We provide our services to Chester County, Northern Delaware County, Southern Berks and Montgomery County as well.

We carry a large variety of Stone. We have Bulk stone, also Bag Stone and Palletized Stone.

Bulk Stone : sold by the ton

  • Screening —————————— $31.00 a ton
  • 2A Modified ————————— $29.00 a ton
  • 2B Gray ——————————– $32.00 a ton
  • 3/8 Red Crushed ——————— $44.00 a ton
  • 3/4 Red Crushed ——————— $44.00 a ton
  • 3/8 River Jack (pea gravel)——— $53.00 a ton
  • 3/4 River Jack ———————— $54.00 a ton
  • 1-3″ River Jack ———————— $59.00 a ton
  • 3-5″ River Jack ———————— $59.00 a ton
  • 5-8″ River Jack ———————— $62.00 a ton
  • 8-12″ River Jack ———————– $70.00 a ton
  • Sunrise ———————————- $64.00 a ton
  • 3/4 Yellow Beach———————–$63.00 a ton
  • White Beach sm ———————— $55.00 a ton
  • White Beach med ———————- $55.00 a ton
  • White Beach Lg ————————- $61.00 a ton
  • Playground Sand ———————– $44.00 a ton
  • Concrete Sand ————————– $36.00 a ton
  • Bar Sand ——————————— $36.00 a ton

Palletized Stone

The pallets are sold either a full pallet or a half pallet depending on the type of stone. Price Depends on the cut of the stone, size, type, and any other processes the stone goes through. Depending on the popularity of the stone we might or might not have a certain type  in stock. Some of the types we carry include:

  • West Mountain
  • Colonial Gray
  • Colonial Lilac
  • Seaport Blue
  • PA Field Stone
  • Veneer
  • Ohio
  • Antique White
  • Sunrise Blend
  • Homewood
  • Brown Argelite
  • Dutch Mountain
  • St. Regis Garden Path
  • Belgian Block


Our Flagstone is sold by the piece or by pallet. We carry it in Irregular and Cut. We have pieces ranging from 12 x 12 up to 36 x 36

to view pictures of  some types of stones we carry check out our Stone Gallery

**Prices are subjected to change due to fuel increases**